Yamaha 250HP 4-Stroke Outboard Motor


General Features:

V6 60 degree
24 Valve DOHC with Variable Camshaft Timing (VCT)
Class leading big bore 4.2 Litre
75mm electronically-controlled throttle valve
Precision Multi-Point Fuel Injection System
Lightest in class by quite a margin
Compatible with Yamaha’s new electronic rigging system

Engine Type    24 Valve DOHC with VCT Direct Action 60° – V6
Displacement    4169 cc
Bore x Stroke    96 x 96 mm
Recommended Max RPM    5000-6000
Lubrication System    Wet-sump
Fuel Management    EFI
Ignition    TCI
Starter System    Electric
Alternator Output    12V-70A with Rectifier Regulator
Operation Method    Remote Control
Trim & Tilt Method    Power Trim & Tilt
Digital Gauges    Optional
Digital Network Gauges with Fuel Management    Optional
Gear Ratio    1.75 : 1
OEDA Emission Rating    ????
Oil Tank Capacity (litres)    5.6
Spark Plug    LFR6A-11
Steering    32° Each Direction
Gear Shift    F-N-R
Exhaust system    Through Propeller Hub (Jet)

Transom Length
F250XCA : 643 mm (25.3 in)
LF250XCA : 643 mm (25.3 in)
F250UCA : 770 mm (30.3 in)
LF250UCA : 770 mm (30.3 in)
F250XCA : 253 kg
LF250XCA : 253 kg
F250UCA : 259 kg
LF250UCA : 259 kg
CDI-E: CDI-Electronic Automatic

CDI-M: CDI-Microcomputer
TCI: Transistor Controlled Ignition

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